Seventy Years to Life whichever happens first.  This is the sentencing my son Jeremy Stewart received.  No murder was committed, nor was a bank robbed or a gun used.  No one was tied any up, or raped.   Yet, California sentenced him as if he had committed one of these crimes. He has been placed in prison with murders and rapists. Jeremy was arrested for taking property from two homes while the occupants were gone. This is classified as “serious”.   Jeremy and many more like him do not qualify for Proposition 36’s reduced sentencing opportunity passed by voter in 2012.  Please, ask legislators to change the penal code for residential burglary life is not a fair sentence.

Jeremy’s first strike conviction was for taking a camcorder and a camera out of a house.  The courts offered a strike with less time, a plea bargain.  Jeremy received his second strike conviction after answering a call in the middle of the night to pick up a friend.  His car had broken down close to where Jeremy lived.   This friend had stolen property on him.  Jeremy didn't know this until it was too late. Jeremy let him stay at his house that night.  This friend left behind some costume jewelry worth $200.00 and Jeremy received his second strike while the friend walked. 

After being released from Prison, Jeremy tested positive for crystal meth.  He had an addiction problem.  The Parole department informed Jeremy, go to jail or pay for a rehabilitation center.  He feared being sent back to prison.  He made some bad chooses trying to come up with money to pay his bills.  Jeremy entered Sharp’s rehabilitation center. On day four of his rehabilitation treatment his wife, Raechell, calls him. Stating, the police have come to the house to arrest you.  Jeremy leaves the rehab to spend his last few hours with his pregnant wife and child. The Prosecutor stated Jeremy left a treatment program on his own free will and never explains why.   He knew he would not have been allowed to complete this program anyway.  Jeremy was being prosecuted for residential burglary. Sentencing day arrives and yes, the judge gave Jeremy the Ultimate sentence of 70 YEARS in a maximum security.  What happened to letting the Time Fit the Crime? 

My son was given a death sentence for property theft.  CALIFORNIA is the only state to prosecute for a NON-Violent crime in this manner.  I don't believe there is any place in the world that would lock someone up for 70 years for residential burglary.  Is he eligible for parole?  No he will die first since 100% of the time must be served and Good time credits do not exist for three strikers. Really and the tax payers are going to pay for this?  Three point five Million is the price tag placed on Jeremy’s incarceration and this is for just one person.  Save our communities and put the money into education, housing and medical not prisons. Wake up California! 
A Seventy years sentence is a medieval.
Our Constitution guarantees all citizens No unlawful imprisonment. This Right, was written before the Bill of Right was even formed and is for all U.S. citizens.  Truly, this is form of unlawful and unjust imprisonment.   I will be dead before my son is released from prison and chances are he will come out in a body bag if this law doesn’t change.   Murders and rapist serve less time for harming someone and are eligible for parole, in as early as 7 years.    Something is terribly wrong with CALIFORNIA.
 Tell everyone you know about my son, Jeremy.  To learn more go to Families Amending California Three Strikes, FACTS.  Educate the youth so this doesn’t happen to your family. Write to the Legislators, the Senators, and the news papers.   Call the Governor or drop him an email.   Please help, Penal codes need to be changed in California.  Thank you so much.

Jeremy's Story

Jeremy is my son, and this is his story.